Tina Pavlik

Horror Author 

The Hurstfield Series

I’m querying the first book, House of Mourning.

A lonely young woman learns she can see spirits when she volunteers at a historic site. Her gift becomes a curse in the dark of the former mental hospital as she uncovers a sinister plot to unleash hell on Earth.


When the past haunts the present, terror knows no bounds.

Valerie's mirror

Hurstfield Manor

She was afraid of the massive brick structure before her, towering over her like the entrance to every nightmare she’d ever had. With its boarded-up windows and ivy-covered walls, it appeared anything but welcoming. The few uncovered windows were dusty and cracked, some bearing jagged holes like crazy dark eyes staring out at the world it disconnected from a long time ago.

The locals called it the “Riverside Hylton,” its history tainted by tales of cruelty and sadness. The stories about the 1980 massacre that shut it down were even worse.  All the locals claimed to know someone who was there that day.

Hurstfield Manor.