I’m getting ready to start querying soon with House of Mourning and yes, I’m very excited about that. And scared. Mostly scared. #PitDark is this week. Last week I took a workshop offered by an agent I’d like to submit to. It was wonderful. I’ll tell you about it later this week.


So in late 2021, I joined a reputable writer’s organization. I was so excited about it since I’m new to the horror genre. I couldn’t go to its big con last year because I was working on a show (The Righteous Gemstones S3). I registered for it this year and planned to go but with the WGA strike, I’m unemployed at the moment. I reached out to them about getting a refund on my registration weeks ago. Nothing. I’ll try again today. It’s kind of funny. I’m unemployed because of a writer’s strike, which I fully support, so I can’t go to a writer’s con… The good news is that the room I had reserved in the con hotel went to one of my favorite authors and I hope he wins the award he’s nominated for this year. He deserves it.

I also know from experience that volunteering is a great way to network and meet kindred spirits so just about a year ago, I emailed when an online opportunity was posted. I’ve been volunteering ever since. Sounds good right?

Honestly, I’m not sure anyone even knew I was there. And that was okay. It just involved posting features on authors on WP. Not a lot to ask for. Usually, I’m building WP sites so really, not a lot to ask for. But in the last couple of months, I’ve had no idea who was doing what and it was stressful. I’d send messages out to give a status update to other people on the team. Mostly, no answer.

So on the volunteering front, I threw in the towel because it’s already stressful enough navigating my employment situation without adding to it. If I want to scream into an empty room, well, I have social media for that, right? I expected to feel relieved but it hasn’t hit yet. I’ll give it a day or so. I also volunteered a few months after I left another venue where I volunteered for 8 years (in person, not online). That one had a hugely disappointing ending, not just for me but for dozens of people that volunteered there. (Another story for another time but I will tell it.) I want to give it time in case that situation is still clouding my perception of the situation I just vacated.

I sent the email last night. The response I got was nice, brief. No questions. So maybe I was right. No one noticed I was there or cared. Or both.

Now I’m questioning whether or not I should stay in the writing organization. It looks good to belong to it I guess. But otherwise, I have to figure out if there’s anything to justify my staying there. I’ll do some research.

It was worth a try. You don’t know if you don’t try, right? Have a good day. 🙏

Updated 6/14/23

Nothing heard. I sent another email asking about the status on my request. Could I get a refund? Better yet, could I get a virtual ticket since I’ve never been able to go? I got a prompt answer. It was nice. But the event starts tomorrow…